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Denise Francis

Paris on Ponce is located in the Old Forth Ward area of downtown Atlanta and is filled with unique home decor, furniture, housewares, and gifts. It has also been know to appear on HGTV and other DIY networks nationwide. Over the last 17 years, Paris on Ponce has become Atlanta’s favorite bohemian destination. There are superb bargains side-by-side with genuine investment pieces, in a constantly updated and unfolding series of quirky vignettes and elegant room settings.

A competitive analysis study was conducted, informing that the paris on ponce site could use an site face lift and an “Items sold on web” feature, or e-commerce component including home delivery. Focusing on these elements could send paris on ponce beyond their competitors in sales.

After studying the pages of the site some solutions were discovered such as, merging the home and blog pages, including the press, faqs, and about content on a single “info” page, including prop rental and photoshoot information on the venue page, as well as adding a shopping experience to the site.

The next element to study was a comparison analysis of how other similar sites manage navigation for e-commerce opportunities so that categories for the site could be established. 

The first portion of research catered to the creation of the new shop online feature. A series of card sorting activities were conducted to understand the categorization of the items to be placed in the shop for sale.

From there, the sketched wireframe process began. The process began with discovering the essential elements for the home page.

Here set backs happened, goals emerged, solutions came about, and ideas were created for each page of the site.

Then, the process of flushing out the shopping portion of the site began. Once the item page was understood, other movements through the site towards checkout were added.

The check out process was sketch wireframe leading to the creation of digital wire frames.

Low Fidelity Clickable Prototype