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Denise Francis

After interviewing Kevin, and exploring the views of others who also cannot have dogs, the solution of a surrogate adoption came to light. Which brings us to PET AGREE

Here, a potential identity has been thought out for the design. This logo would conceptually merge the idea of people agreeing to help others love and care for dogs.

After interviews, research, and sketching the design began to take on characteristics from existing apps that relate in some way. These apps include: Instagram, Waze, Twitter, Tinder, Wagtail, Meet My Dog, and GroupMe.

The flow begins with the choice to download the app. The it moves into the logistics of Kevin as a user of the app.

The first attempt at sketch iteration proved that there were corrections to be made. After meeting with Kevin and presenting the sketches, changes and glitches were highlighted.




Here the app is processed as a paper prototype which allows for further testing and preparation for a future clickable (low fidelity) prototype.

During the second iteration these sketches were created. Highlighted here, profiles are created for dogs by their owners so that others can view or decide if they’d like to adopt. Users can view photos, video, and hear stories about popular dogs in the app or dogs they follow or have adopted. Users can discuss all things doggie including care assistance, allergen solutions, and other topics related to making dog ownership a great experience. Now, for a deeper look into Pet Agree.